ARD516 Visual Effects – Rotoscoping & Colour Correction

Below is my half assed attempt at rotoscoping, I say half assed because of the way it has turned out, I am very disappointed with this effort, not because it was a hard task, I actually found it to be interesting but trying to decide on a canvas to use for the task wasn’t as straight forward as I had imagined, I spent a lot of time scrolling through different videos for this, finally settling on the one shown, I proceeded to choose a couple of scenes from other movie files, added them into the existing footage and colour corrected  each one, the finished product is not a good look at all, I am annoyed with myself because over the last few weeks my marks have steadily increase and then I submit this, total rubbish, anyhow, onward and upwards as they say, i have to buckle down now and improve on what i have submitted, I am definitely not going through all this to fail at the end.

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