ARD516 Visual Effects Individual Assignment

Production Diary


My first thought was to get some footage of a footballer dribbling around players and taking a shot at the goal, this is proving to be quite awkward as I cannot find any footage of a footballer dribbling, I really want to see it from the footballers eyes, not sure how this could be achieved, maybe by the use of the camera tool in After Effects, I think this could be quite tricky to accomplish, but, it would look awesome, I would remove all other players and have the footballer dribbling around holes in the pitch, when the footballer finally reaches the goal to shoot he is met by…. Robocop, needless to say Robocop shoots the ball and it blows up. I will try and think of a way round this to achieve what I think would be a great video clip.

Having searched the internet for some suitable footage regarding my assignment I have come to the conclusion that without professional assistance with the footage, for instance, the correct camera angles, a single player dribbling and taking a shot on goal, I even filmed a football match myself but again the footage was not suitable, the angle of the camera was too low and there were too many passes of the ball, this is a tricky one that’s for sure! because of this I have decided to avert my attention elsewhere, as of yet I am unsure as to what to do, hopefully after meeting with Mark he can throw a couple of suggestions into the mix for me to pursue.

So, after racking my brain as to what kind of video to do for this project I have come up with another idea, well I have seen something similar to what I am thinking of trying on the internet, it is self-shot footage of a line or a set of arrows leading to a surprise at the end of it, I think this would be pretty easy to achieve but I am unsure as to whether I would be able to use enough elements so that it falls into the brief of this assignment, I will collect the footage and put it through after effects so that I can see how it looks and what I could do with it.

The above idea also fell onto the cutting room floor, finally decided on using some dashcam footage that I had and added via green screen to the existing footage, I lowered the opacity to make it look almost ghost like, added some colour correction, used the mask tool to prevent from the dinosaurs toes edging out of the video, in order to use the green screen footage I added a keylight 1.2 to remove the green background, applied a key cleaner, added a colour difference effect to make it look like it ‘belonged’ on the video, I also adjusted the brightness and contrast in order to compensate for the brightness of the dinosaur footage.

On the main footage, I added a rainfall effect and adjusted the brightness.

I added an audio file to which I applied fade before the dinosaur roar then brought the volume back up to the original level.

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