Hy Peskin – Photographer

Image 1

Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1915 to Russian immigrants, Hy Peskin would grow to become one of the most revered photographers in American history. he spent his career shooting icons of history, covering sport and political dynamos from angles both candid and stark. American icons like Jackie Robinson, John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, John Elway, Joe DiMaggio, Ben Hogan, Rocky Marciano, and others rose to fame in front of Peskin’s lens.  He began his career at Ebbet’s Field, where he made the Dodger’s a household name. As they were catapulted to fame, so too was Hy’s career – He soon became the most renowned photographer of his day.


Image 1:

Thorn, J. (2013). Double Exposure. Available: https://ourgame.mlblogs.com/double-exposure-1d279ce630fc#.4nvx89873. Last accessed 26th Dec 2016.


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