Glyndwr Men’s 1st v Liverpool Hope

Wednesday 25th January 2017 was my initial appointment with one of the sports teams at Glyndwr, this was really to see if I was able to capture the images that were going to be required to become the dedicated photographer for Glyndwr Sports teams at the University.

The location was Colliers Park 4g pitch (Wrexham FC’s training pitch) in Gresford, with a 2pm kick off time, I arrived at 1:30pm and got my kit together which comprised of a Nikon d3200 fitted with my 18-55mm stock lens and my Nikon d5300 fitted with my Sigma 70-300mm, the lighting was pretty good, it was a cold, clear sunny winters day so I set both camera’s shutter speed to 1/500th and had the white balance on direct sunlight which gave me no motion blur and a good quality photograph, however 10 minutes into the 2nd half an incident occurred which resulted in the referee walking off and leaving the gave without an official resulting in a match abandonment with the Men’s 1st team trailing by two goals to nil. In all my time watching or attending football matches I have never experienced anything like what I say that Wednesday, it was almost comical. Overall a very enjoyable experience, one that I will be doing again very soon.


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