CD Album Cover



Use a combination of photography and graphics to redesign a CD album cover. Incorporate type into your final design. You should aim to improve the appeal of the cover. Provide the original cover for comparison.




CD Cover

Redesigned CoverUnfortunately with the original cover I had to edit as I could not find the rear of it, I took the original image and flipped it making it a symmetrical image, added the track listings , bar-code and the record label to the cover, gave it a centre spine and added text to this also, I chose this album as I found it really boring and not pleasing to the eye in the least, it almost looks pop art with the cartoon style empty road which is repeated several times, I ventured out with my Nikon D5300 with my 18-55mm stock lens attached,  my f-stop set to f16, my ISO was set at 100 and the shutter was set to stay open for 25 seconds in order to collect as many light trails as possible.

I think this redesigned cover gives more shelf appeal bearing in mind the name of the artist and the album title over the original one, I have tried to make this alternate cover look as realistic as anything you may see in the stores by adding a centre spine with the album name and artist shown, the image was taken around 8pm on the bridge over the A55 towards Chester, this is why the length of the shutter was so long.


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