Negotiated Studies feedback

After a meeting with Paul Jones during one of the lectures at university in which we were asked to show our work so far in relation to Negotiated Studies 1 and where we were going in regards to Negotiated Studies 2 next semester, wanting to enter into the field of Sports photography, I supplied a few of my images for the group to critique, overall I didn’t really receive any bad feedback but I di receive a couple of good ‘pointers and suggestions’

Along with suggestions from Karen Heald during the first semester Paul suggested that I document this in the form of a book, by a book I believe it is meant as a journal of sorts, properly bound and professional looking with the contents about Maesgwyn Associated FC and the Welsh National League, the contents of the book could be a brief introduction into Maesgwyn and the welsh football league along with player profiles, images that are not when they are on the field, maybe when they are socialising etc, this is something that I could well be interested in doing as I could see this being available to anyone who is interested in Maesgwyn and the Welsh Football League, I am going to have to look further into this and see if the players especially are going to be available to answer a set of fixed questions, maybe around 10-15 and if they would be prepared to have their basic details etc published.


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