Neg 1 Own Feedback / Critique

Negotiated Studies 1 self-feedback


Negotiated Studies 1 proved to be a bit of a problem with regards to getting work captured to present alongside my blog and to submit to the tutors, whenever the football team were playing (Maesgwyn Associated FC) I seemed to be working at my regular job (which is my sole income for my family). However, when I was able to attend the football, I was able to capture images that I thought were good enough to submit towards my final summative assessment for this module, I have found this year to be especially taxing with regards to the tasks that were set for the module but I hope that I have done enough to obtain the necessary mark to progress. A number of factors have hindered my advancement in this field, from work commitments to the weather, which giving the time of the year has been horrendous at times, games called off due to snow and waterlogged pitches, I turned to (with the suggestions of the tutors who may I add have been very supportive this year), capturing images of an architectural design i.e. sporting venues, as in Anfield Stadium etc. I could actually see myself transitioning into this kind of photography as this can be done with remarkable results in any kind of weather, with no two sporting venues being the same this could result in a myriad of different styles of shots and the bonus of capturing these types of images are that I do not have to get access to the venue in order to capture the image. Hopefully I will be able to capture more images for this module so that there are images that can be compared against each other to see the different styles of buildings and venues. Proceeding onto negotiated studies two I am finding that lack of input for my final task in the final module of this year, a lot of replies were had to the fakebook message I sent out but not a lot of response when it really mattered, I have only had one person to interview so far with regards to the idea of compiling a book to document the rise of Maesgwyn associated fc, I really need to look at other avenues of approach in order to fulfil what I am hoping to achieve for my final assignment at Glyndwr university before I ‘hopefully’ graduate, only time will tell as I enter into my final semester of my journey through university life.


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