Mdes Degree Show 2019

The photographs exhibited are part of a series that concentrates on depictions of different places of worship. Researching these sites I was intrigued by the architects who designed them, the textures utilised in the building materials at the time of construction and the minuscule details of the adorning sculptures.


Albeit from an atheist’s perspective I am charmed by the Gothic and medieval appearances of certain places of worship, the history that the chosen subject oozes and the calm feeling that you get when you study one for a while. The ultra-wide-angle lens chosen to capture these images sometimes distorts the photographs to enhance a sense of personification of the buildings. I particularly enjoy capturing photographs of churches especially the older, gothic and more ornate ones. St. Margaret’s, Hopton on Sea is a mid-eighteenth century church, built to replace an older church which had unfortunately burnt down. St. Margaret’s has a gothic feel with its unusual hexagonal spire and turreted top. It is something I am in awe of, it is an absolutely stunning example of brilliant architecture from the early ages.


Churches come in all shapes and sizes and an example is the thatched roof one depicted here. This is also known as St. Margaret’s church but is located in Hales, Norfolk. I managed to photograph this beautiful hidden little gem during a visit to the East Anglian coast. St Margaret’s is a redundant Anglican episcopal church which dates back to the eleventh century. The third photograph in this collection was taken during a recent research visit to Turkey. It is called Side Fatih Camii (Fatih Mosque, Side). Although this place of worship is relatively new in comparison to the others it is still a stunning piece of architecture. During my visit there I was fortunate enough to be invited inside. I was completely overawed, taken aback by what I saw, it was stunning and absolutely beautiful!


Overall the photographs that give me the most pleasure are the ones taken of churches.  When I look through the camera lens, I find myself almost transported back in time and imagine the parishioners going about their daily business, toing and froing from the church.  Whilst taking the photographs I feel a sense of calm as if nothing else matters. At that moment in time I almost feel as if I am at one with the building and at peace.

Below are the three photographs that I chose for my final degree show which were printed onto a 75 x 50 cm Canvas resulting in a fantastic set of images in my opinion.


Side Fatih Camii (Fatih Mosque, Side Turkey)
St Margaret's, Hopton-on-Sea (2) - Copy
St Margaret’s Church, Hopton On Sea, Norwich
St Margaret's Hales
St Margaret’s Church, Hales, Norwich

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