My Reflection

My reflection on this, my final module of my Mdes in photography is to explain what I have learned during my time here. The experience of this module, and indeed the completion of it means that I have completed something that I have wanted to do for some time.

I have learned that I have to be constructive and critical of my work, previously I would of submitted anything without really examining the work and hope that I just scraped by, now I have learned that my work must be thoroughly examined before it is submitted or published online and that I have to thoroughly research anything that will have an impact on what I photograph, accomplishing this would increase my self-belief as I am sure everyone struggles with this at one time or another, I have learned to adapt to different situations when I am out in the field, whether that be different lighting conditions, different weather conditions or just simply time restraints. All of which can be major factors when choosing the medium I have chosen to photograph.

This particular module has forced me out of my comfort zone, by this, I mean the safety net of the teaching environment, I have had to think on my feet to accomplish certain aspects of my work including various different research methods, it has enforced me to plan ahead with what I am going to photograph and choose locations to suit the photography that I have undertaken.

I have learned that my choice of photography is important to me, I am not the kind of photographer that likes to take portrait photographs, I enjoy static photography, namely churches as I believe that more times than not, I will capture the right photograph as opposed to if I was a portrait photographer, I may not capture that image that works, when you are a portrait photographer, you have to wait for the client, in my line of photography, I do not have any waiting, I choose what I am going to photograph and go there, whether it be around the corner from where I live or a thousand mile away. Most of my work does not require any Photoshop editing, I like to take a photograph and show it as is, whatever settings I use when I am photographing a church, that is how the photograph will be shown, in it’s true naked form with no editing.

Because of me enrolling and completing this course I have successfully gained employment within Public Health Wales as a retinal photographer, a post that I am due to start very soon, and a post that I know that I will enjoy, getting paid for something that you enjoy doing, it’s a win-win for me.

September 24th 2019 was the preview night for the final degree show at Glyndwr university for the students that would be graduating this year and having sent out invites to several people and spoken to many, inviting them to come to the preview night of my Degree show, I was utterly disappointed when not one person that I had asked or who had seen it on social media bothered to come, seeing the other students with people they had asked to attend the show , made me feel quite dejected, insignificant and this left a very sour taste in my mouth and made me wonder if it was all worth it, after all, all I wanted to do was to show off my work to people that I know and as of yet, I have not been able to. Regardless of this I will continue to photograph and document churches in the coming months and years as I have found a love for Gothic and period buildings, the calmness that it bestows on me is something that I have never achieved from photographing any other type of medium.

I have made what I hope are friends for life during my time as a student at Glyndwr University, I have got some great memories from my time here, my visits to Auschwitz and the Salt Mine in Poland as well as the museums and galleries in London with a few of my fellow students are something that I will never forget.

If I had the chance to do this course again, knowing what I do now, I think that I would possibly start it again, had I not chosen this course and this university, would I have had the job opportunity arise that I have had? Who knows? Would I do anything different? The short answer to the last question is yes. I wish that I had chosen to photograph places of worship sooner, this way my work would have been more expanse, the work that I have done for this module in my opinion is more than adequate, but it would not of hurt to have had more photographs to choose from and to display.


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