Thursday March 3rd 2016

Phil Rees (Running a successful local photography business)

Phil gave us

An insight into the local photography market, & the factors needed for success;

  • The changing marketplace & developments since the advent of digital photography
  • The size & nature of the local market, competition, and barriers to entry
  • Business models and the attributes of successful businesses
  • Set up costs and potential returns
  • Planning for success

Phil worked for Barclays Bank Plc from 1976 to 2006 including 17 years as small business/corporate manager and then threw it all in to become a professional photographer in 2007.

A very informative talk covering most of the aspects for starting up and maintaining a successful photography business, Phil is quite successful in his line of work, covering such things as weddings, family and corporate, I really enjoyed this insight into running my own business and will definitely be using some of the tools that were expressed during the speech.

Thank you Phil for the talk!


Thursday 3rd March 2016

Alex Connock – Media, Can you make it

Managing Director of Shine North – Endemol Shine Group
Digital branded content & TV

Alex launched Shine North in MediaCity – growing producer TV & digital brand content, part of Endemol Shine. Revenues increased tenfold since then.

TV programming for global broadcasters – BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, Nat Geo, Channel 5. Several major global car series.

Branded/digital content output -forJaguar, Heinz, AO, Poker Stars, Britvic, Northern Tech. Past 3 years as overall exec producer of Diageo’s major global production World Class, for TV in over 100 countries, plus digital and e-commerce video across Europe.

Idris Elba Co-production relationship for past two years – including two global series of ‘No Limits’​ for Discovery; cinema doc ‘Mandela, My Dad and Me,’​ and international commercials production.

Currently running study with IPSOS MORI into effective creative strategies in e-commerce video.

Alex showed the group plenty of video related content stating that you could technically live anywhere and still have your work shown in other countries such as the USA, Australia, China, the list and possibilities are endless.

Thanks for the talk Alex!


Wednesday 2nd March 2016

Susan Chapman – Teaching, A career choice.

PGCE Tutor
BA (English) 1984, Ph.D (English) 1987
MA (Cultural Studies) 1994
Diploma in Literacy 2001
PgCert Drama in Education 2005

Susan graduated in English from UCNW Bangor in 1984 and completed a PhD in Arthurian Literature in 1987.   She taught English in schools in Bradford and Powys as a classroom teacher, KS3 Co-ordinator and Head of Department.  During that time she was involved in the development of whole school policies on literacy and gender and in curriculum development for A Level English Language and drama at KS3 and KS4.

A senior examiner for A Level English Language since 1996, Susan has been involved in all aspects of the examination process.  This also involves advising teachers on coursework and in delivering CPD  both face-to-face and online.

After twenty years teaching English in both England and Wales, Susan has been working as a teacher trainer and education lecturer at Aberystwyth for eight years.

Susan’s speech centred around a career in teaching, something that we all could end up following if we either do our Mdes or enrol onto a teaching course, ‘being in a classroom is an exciting thing’, ‘teaching is a rewarding thing to do’.

 Employability is very high in this field, as a route into full time employment, this is a good choice.

I suppose if all else fails then I could see myself offering my knowledge of what I learn and pass them onto those that do not have the knowledge to do what they are wanting to do.

Thanks for the talk Sue!

Wednesday 2nd March 2016

Mike Corcoran – Moving Minds

Mike’s speech centred around the mind, saying that it isn’t just in your head, it is all around your being, I found this a little strange as I know where my mind is, it is in my head! This speech was deep to say the least and unless you were on the same wavelength as the speaker then I doubt you would be able to grasp his concept, 3 things stood out from his speech,

1, he states that you cannot fail, I say you can fail but you must retry again.

2, He stated that you must adventure and experiment, I think this is a good statement, you do need to adventure and experiment in the line of work you are heading into.

3, he stated that our potential is limitless, I agree totally with this, you can only improve and get better if you continue to learn.


Thanks for the talk Mike!

Tuesday 1st March 2016..

Paul Herrmann (The top photographer succeeding in contemporary practice)

Manchester-based editorial photographer since 1986, Paul also does annual report and publicity photography, and general photographic problem solving, for arts, housing, charity and other non-profit organisations. He also writes, lectures and runs workshops about photography and business issues for photographers and artists. Paul also runs Redeye, the Photography Network .

He talked more about self worth and getting established via Degree shows, getting people to attend by doing market research, who is going to come etc.

Thank you Paul for the insight into succeeding in contemporary practice!

Tuesday 1st March 2016.

Dick Powell (Designing Innovation)

Dick has made a name for himself through his hard work and determination in his chosen field, Graphic Design.

He started out on his career path by attending:

Ampleforth College

1965 – 1969

West Surrey College of Art and Design


1969 – 1970

Manchester Polytechnic

Industrial Design

1970 – 1973

Royal College of Art

MDesRCA, Industrial Design

1973 – 1976

In 1984 Dick Powell along with his business partner Richard Seymour started the company SeymourPowell, still going strong to this day, they specialize in designs that think out of the box, they cover a multitude of items from Lynx deodorant through to Aircraft seating, Cadburys chocolate to Smart jackets for extreme conditions. If you ever fly from terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport and see a cafe called Perfectionists Cafe, you will see a big knife on the front that moves, SeymourPowell created this. I found this talk to be really informative in the design aspect, although I do not think this would have any impact on my chosen field.
Thank you Dick for the great Speech!

Monday 29-2-2016.

The final speech I attended was by:

Julie   DSC_0043_00002

Julie Tait with Dan Berry asking questions, entitled – Festivals, funding and making things happen..

Kendal Arts International (KAI) was set up in 2006 to create, produce and promote international quality outdoor arts events and festivals from street theatre to large-scale outdoor performance and outdoor installations.

From 2007-09 Mintfest was Kendal Arts International’s main annual project, successfully drawing thousands of people to Kendal for a weekend of international quality street arts. Other projects have included the WOW Factor 2006-08 on the shores of Windermere and Lakes Alive.

Kendal Arts International, who will join the Arts Council’s new National portfolio from April 2012, aims to put Cumbria on the map for a new reason – as the national centre of excellence for outdoor arts.

Julie Tait, Director of Kendal Arts International, says: ‘We are delighted to have been awarded National portfolio organisation status from 2012. It is acknowledgement of the quality and potential of our work and, in particular, of the significant impact the Lakes Alive programme has made in just two years.

‘This funding will enable us to start to plan now for the legacy of the programme and for new developments within Kendal Arts International’s work in the future. It also sends an important signal that outdoor arts have a vital role to play in this country in making great art accessible to everyone.’

I found this speech to be not only in-depth regarding festivals, but also very interesting with questions coming from the audience as well as Dan Berry, a lot of good points were addressed. I approached Julie with regards to photography at the festival and we are going to be in touch in the near future, hopefully something constructive comes out of this one.


Thank you Julie and Dan!

Monday 29-2-2016

The second speech I attended today was by

fran_corporte_bw_square_400x400  DSC_0042_00001

Fran O’Hara, entitled- Creating ‘Brand Me’ and the future you want.

Fran O’Hara is the founder and creative director of Scarlet Design International Ltd, a strategic design agency and consultancy business focusing on delivering design, creative thinking and training services to a range of local, national and international clients. Her core aims are to provide leadership and innovation as an integral part of the each process, and to deliver outcomes which exceed expectations.

Established in 1997, the company portfolio ( includes work for global giants such as Disney, Unilever, Nestlé, Agfa, BBC, OU and the London Eye. It also includes a wealth of design work for diverse clients across a range of sectors, including the Welsh Government, Cardiff University, NHS, RNIB, RNLI and the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales.

Fran has done exceedingly well for herself and definitely knew what she wanted, starting off in Porthcawl, South Wales, London, Disney in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, to name a few, ending back in Cardiff where she started her company Scarlett Design International Ltd.

I think that what I could take from this speech is never to give up on any ambitions that I may have, persistence is the key, put your mind to it and you can achieve almost anything.

A very thorough speech, clear and concise, and well received by all.

Thank You Fran.


Monday 29-2-2016

Monday 29-2-2016


We kicked off the creative futures week with a speech by the new head of Design, Art and Media, Professor Alec Shepley, the speech was entitled – The future starts now: working together and making it count.

Fair play to the guy, he did not start work until the following day but came a day earlier to give this speech! We had an insight into Alec’s, (he prefers the first name basis) life journey from being an infant, through to the present day.


He began his career as a fine artist before going onto specialising in Fine art, historical and contemporary; fine art practice and pedagogy; visual culture and aspects of philosophy

  • PhD Fine Art ‘Installation Art Practice and the Fluctuating Frame’ — Manchester Metropolitan University, 2000
  • MA Fine Art — Sheffield Hallam University, 1993
  • PGCE — Manchester Polytechnic, 1987
  • BA (Hons) Fine Art — Wolverhampton Polytechnic, 1986.

Welcome Back Alec!