Zoe 4-2-2016

Finally another first time for me with Zoe, charming, pleasant and confident, was a pleasure that she allowed me to photograph her. I made a few errors with the lighting, things can only improve.



Photo-shoot 21st January 2016

Charles Gordon Ward (a fellow student on the course I am studying) and myself were involved in a photo shoot which took place at the Regent St. studio at Glyndŵr University, this was the first one that we had done and I have to say that I found it to be a fantastic learning curve, some fantastic shots were had with a model that (by her own admission) lacked self confidence. I really think by the end of the shoot Alexandra had grown in her confidence.

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Module Aims:

Module Aims:

  • To provide opportunities for the development of transferable skills which are appropriate and beneficial for student’s subsequent academic, personal and vocational progress.
  • To provide an introduction into the professional life of working artists and designers and to create an awareness of career opportunities.
  • To examine contemporary practitioners and their working philosophies and to assess their influence in the specialist field through industrial visits, exhibitions and design festivals.
  • To inform the student of the importance of communication, working relationships and the demands and expectations of the workplace.
  • Introduce students to personal development planning.