The Pre Production Pipeline

here we were asked to create a short film on paper only, we needed an IDEA, PREMISE and CHARACTERS, in theory we are making a short film without really making it, everything will be down on paper so to speak so when it is completed it could be made into a short movie.

Assignment 3 – The Rules

Fundamentals Of Composition:

The Rules: Rule of Odds, Rule Of Thirds, Rule of Space

3 images that address the Rule of Odds

3 images that address the Rule of Thirds

3 images that Address the Rule of Space
Rule of Odds: Should be named rule of three’s because this is more pleasing to the eye than 2 or 4.

Rule of Thirds: Divide space into 3 equal sections vertically or horizontally or both giving you 9 equal rectangles, capture image in one of these thirds..

Rule of Space: Could also be called rule of motion as this equals to something that is going to move into the space ahead / behind the subject of the image

The Elements of Design are:


The visual path that enables the eye to move within the piece Areas defined by edges within the piece, whether geometric or organic Hues with their various values and intensities Surface qualities which translate into tactile illusions Shading used to emphasize form 3-D length, width, or depth The space taken up by (positive) or In between (negative) objects Perceived distance from the observer, separated in foreground, background, and optionally middle ground