ARD416 Media & Design – Music Video


I decided to use a cover version for this assignment, the one I used was Simon & Garfunkel’s -Sound of Silence by Disturbed. This took quite some time to decide as I am not really a fan of music so after a lot of time searching YouTube, I found this and was drawn very quickly to it.
I attached my GoPro to my dashboard and set of driving, I filmed a short journey from my home to somewhere in Llay, I also tried to film the river at Llangollen but the footage was very poor so that got binned.
The footage sat on my pc for quite some time until I had a meeting with Mark who suggested that I added some effects to the footage to add that artistic element, loading the footage into Adobe After Effects I found some video footage of clouds which I added to the timeline, added a filter which caused it to be able to see overlaid but faded, it actually made it look like the clouds were flowing through the original video which had a nice effect, the entire video was made monochrome with the only colour being from the lyrics. I also added a camera blur so it didn’t distract from the lyrics that I added to the track.
Quite a bit of work went into adding the lyrics, they needed syncing to the music and also needed a transition so that it didn’t look to snap from one line to the other, to do this I added a cross dissolve, this transition makes the lyrics flow with the music, all the lyrics are 100 in size, and set to the lower middle of the screen, this helps to ‘hide’ the bit of the footage which doesn’t change during the track, (it hides the dashboard) I also went onto the speed settings for the overlaid video and set it to reverse, I think this looks a little better than the forward playing video. At the end of the track I added a fade to black, 9 seconds from the end so the screen would be black when the track finished, the finished track was exported from premiere pro in mp4 format at 1920×1080 making it high definition.


ARD416 Media and Techniques

This week we were asked to submit an existing music video and state our reasons for our choice noting 5 key points that described the video.

I chose Evanescence – Bring Me To Life..

Dreaming, Haunting, Powerful, Death, Sadness,

really what is there not to like from this? …

ARD416 Media & Techniques – Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this module, students will be able to:

1.Recognise ways in which specific media and their attendant technologies make possible different kinds of aesthetic forms. (KS6)

2.Demonstrate practical skills in using a variety of media and techniques to solve communication problems. (KS1, KS5)

3.Explore the interrelation of media and techniques within a multidisciplinary environment. (KS2, KS4)

4.Link conceptual thinking and problem solving skills to the application of media and techniques in expressing ideas and bringing them to fruition as final outcomes. (KS3)

5.Demonstrate the ability to provide critical evaluation in the production and presentation of their work.(KS9)

ARD416 Media and Techniques

Module Aims:

1.To develop practical exploration of media and techniques in relation to the solution of set assignments.

2.To encourage innovation and experimentation within a multidisciplinary environment.

3.To enable students to become technically competent in using a variety of media.

4.To encourage self-criticism and evaluation of their work.