Creative Futures Week – Tim Wallace

Tim Wallace – INSPIRE

tim wallace 2017
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This talk was by far one of the best talks I have attended whilst studying at Glyndwr, Tim really has opened my eyes with regards to the photographic industry, Tim was not a me, me ,me type of person but spoke about obstacles that will present themselves, he told us that we would all fail at one time or another, I believe that failure makes the person overcome obstacles that would normally halt you in your tracks,


Tim Wallace has been taking photographs since he was seven years old, when he was 16 he worked for the Daily Mail in the darkrooms where he found his appreciation for his style of work, after this he joined the Royal Marines, Tim suffered an horrific injury that put an end to his service in the Marines and decided to go back to photography of which he has been doing professionally for the last ten years, Tim never attended university in fact, when he was 15 he ran away from home and spent 6 months on the streets of London before finally getting his break at the Daily Mail.

Tim has become very successful in his line of photography having worked for giants such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz and Jaguar – Land rover to name a few, Tim has travelled far and wide in his work capturing images of planes, helicopters, cars, yachts and more, he has been interviewed by organisation from all over the world, won numerous awards such as

“International Commercial Advertising Photographer of the Year 2011
UK Motor Industry Professional Car Photographer of the Year 2012
International Travel Photographer of the Year 2013
Medium Format Photographer of the Year 2013 3rd
Hasselblad Photographer of the month
Landscape Photographer of the Year 2010
BBC Best New Creative Business Award 2006″

(Wallace T. (). AMBIENTLIFE. Available: Last accessed 19th March 2017.)

Tim kept urging the audience to participate but I feel that if anyone did, then they would miss out on something that he was going to say, he definitely has a knack for capturing the audience as well as the subjects he is in front of.

Tim uses a Hasselblad camera, this is an expensive piece of kit with a price tag of £20000+

I remember him saying during his talk that if he didn’t get a job shortly after purchasing his camera his mortgage wouldn’t be getting paid!

Fortunately he did get work and as they say, the rest is history!

Creative Futures Week – Adam Lee

Adam Lee – Career building and networking.

Adam Lee is a freelance photographer based in Liverpool, UK. Although this talk was beneficial, stressing the importance of networking and getting your name out there and being recognised by as many people as possible I could not help but feel that he had a big hand in getting where he is today because one of the ladders he climb on was that of his mother, Sara Maitland who is an author and commissioned Adam to take photographs for her books, this undoubtedly has helped Adam a great deal, getting his images out in the media world and getting them recognised. Adam spoke of a time that he was doing a personal project on a farm in the middle of nowhere when after several weeks he was approached by someone in the village and commissioned to do some photography work, this ultimately lead onto other commissioned work. He was definitely in the right place at the right time. Adam also covered a project on the street names in Blackpool, the insight to this project was to see who or where the street names derived from, this was commissioned by Blackpool Museum and was documented as part of the Museum in the Making event held at Winter Gardens. Another project that Adam was commissioned for was the Bentilee Neighbourhood, this was a group of individuals, both adults and children from Bentilee, Stoke on Trent, focusing on growing up in the area.

Adam is Chair of the Board of Directors of LOOK: Liverpool International Photography Festival in Liverpool which is running from 7/4/2017 until 14/5/2017. This is an event that I would be interested in attending but I personally think I would go to the launch night, this would give me a better chance of networking, something that Adam stressed several times during his talk, along with the importance of being ‘visible’ in the community, working for free getting involved with different events and eventually you will get commissioned to do work at which time you will start to earn, Adam has documented several events all of which have helped him to get to where he is today, I will definitely take some points of this talk away with me, Networking is important, the willingness to do things that get you noticed, all eventually lead to climbing the ladder to success.


Thank You for the insight into your life Adam and thank you for the talk.