Community First Responder

I have been invited to apply for the role of a Community First Responder by the Welsh ambulance service, in order to progress to the actual CPR training I have to obtain 9 certificates from the online e-learning portal which as you see below I have done.

I start my training for this post on the 3rd April, it will last until the the 6th April, upon satisfactory completion I will gain the title of Community First Responder which would require me to attend a myriad of places to assess the patient to see if they require hospital treatment at which time I would confirm the need of an ambulance for patient transportation.


I will post back any updates during my training.


My training had to be put back to the 26th June 2017 and lasted until the 29th June, after a hectic 4 days and plenty of data to digest I am pleased to say that I was successful and have now passed all my training, now I am looking forward to getting out there and helping to save lives!

Student Sports Photographer Glyndwr University

Thursday 2nd February I had a meeting with Will Medforth – Sports activities manager at Glyndwr University at which I signed a contract which basically allows me to attend any of the sporting events that Glyndwr are participating in and take photographs, the images that I capture are basically for the University to use in documenting the progression of the teams and hopefully to entice more people to join in from the Uni, this is something that I hope to enter into after I have finished University, Sports photography is a passion of mine, I love the fact that I am able to capture a moment during the fixture that will be here for many years to come, it will also give the people captured in the photographs to be able to look back in years to come and remember what they achieved and the amount of fun that they had, I am looking forward to receiving my first set of fixtures as the dedicated sports photographer for Glyndwr, that I can choose from and getting started doing what I really want to do.

Stacey & Steve’s Wedding 5-11-2016

On the back of the wedding shoot that I attended in October I was asked again to be the second photographer at another wedding, this time a couple by the name of Stacey and Steve from  Coventry, this one was a late afternoon wedding with a 12pm start for myself and Charles Gordon Ward (Gordon), armed with my trusty Nikon d3200, an 18-55mm kit lens and a new requisition to my arsenal, a Nikon d5300 dslr, a Sigma 70-300mm f4/f5.6 and a Jessops 3600AFD flash we arrived at the address in Coventry and with Gordon documenting the bride’s preparations, I was asked to document the Groom and his Groomsmen getting ready so off I toddled to the Groom’s fathers house where Steve was based for the preparations to begin work.

In the house I mainly used my Nikon d5300 coupled with the 18-55mm kit lens and my flash gun, the images were good considering that the lighting wasn’t the greatest and had to play around  with the settings to get the best possible exposure I could, the ISO setting used was between 100 and 250 depending on where the image was taken.



The venue for the ceremony and the reception afterwards were both at the same place it was called the Heart of England Conference and Events Center and what a stunning venue it was, the ceremony hall, well when I walked in I stopped and just said WOW, it almost looked like something out of a fairy-tale, it was beautiful.

The night was rounded off with an excellent firework display and I have to admit, the display that was put on was better than some of the organised displays that I have attended.

As with the previous wedding shoot, the photography itself is not hard but it is mentally draining, continuously looking for the perfect shot, always adjusting your settings to get the correct exposure, hopefully the bride and groom are happy with the images that I got for them and I cannot wait for the next time to be asked to help on a shoot of this calibre.

Thank you Gordon for giving me this opportunity.


Sam & Emma’s Wedding – Cornwall

26th August 2016 is the date that I was the second-shooter at the wedding of Sam and Emma in Falmouth, Cornwall.

The couple placed tremendous importance on their wedding photography and insisted on having two photographers in order to have more photographs of their special day. In addition to shooting reportage style images, I was tasked with photographing the couples and family groups on the guest list.

The equipment that I used was my Nikon D3200 with the stock 18-55mm f3.5/5.6 kit lens, a Jessops 3600AFD flash with a flash diffuser fitted. The diffuser gave a better quality of light, making each photograph more flattering.

Having travelled down the night before I was up early and headed for the venue in order to shoot the bridal preparations, the groom and grooms-men getting ready and general photography of the venue. I continued with photography of the service, the reception, the speeches, the cutting of the cake and finally the first dance at 9pm, after which I packed my equipment and headed home to Wrexham.

I found it to be a very interesting day and it opened my eyes as to what was required of an event photographer. The work itself may not have been physically difficult but it was mentally taxing, continuously looking for that perfect shot.

The following day I set about editing my images using Adobe Lightroom for levels adjustments, conversion to monochrome and image cropping. I eventually delivered 398 photographs to the couple who are very pleased with the results. Shooting the wedding was a process that I would like to experience again in the near future.

Below are a few of my favourite images of that special day.



 I honestly believe that I would benefit greatly from a dedicated lens for photographing this kind of event, maybe a 50mm f2.8, this would greatly improve the quality of the images and therefore would be less work in post editing.I am aiming to purchase one of these lenses before I start back at university in October.