ARD514 Practice In Context – Production Diary

Production Diary

My first thought was to get some footage of a footballer dribbling around players and taking a shot at the goal, this is proving to be quite awkward as I cannot find any footage of a footballer dribbling, I really want to see it from the footballers eyes, not sure how this could be achieved, maybe by the use of the camera tool in After Effects, I think this could be quite tricky to accomplish, but, it would look awesome, I would remove all other players and have the footballer dribbling around holes in the pitch, when the footballer finally reaches the goal to shoot he is met by…. Robocop, needless to say Robocop shoots the ball and it blows up. I will try and think of a way round this to achieve what I think would be a great video clip.

Something along the lines of this video from 2007

Not really sure if I could accomplish this as the original production team had the help of the football star 🙂

ARD514 Practise in Context – Week 3

Today in class we looked at gender in advertising, mainly women in advertising and how the woman’s role is perceived, this is shown as the woman being very submissive and used as a tool for want of a better word, sex sells and a very large percentage of women portrayed in advertising are slim, good looking with a good figure, very seldom do we see women of a fuller figure and we rarely see anyone ugly advertising anything, this could almost be discriminatory but the advertising agencies know what they are doing, they are not stupid, if they had an ugly person advertising one of their products I don’t think that they would get no where near as many sales as they do using the type of women they do do.

ARD514 Practise in Context Week 2

Today’s class centered around the Levi’s 501 commercial, a commercial very synonymous with Nick Kamen de-robing in a launderette to the tune of I heard it through the Grapevine, whenever you see a pair of Levi’s or hear that tune it makes you think of the advert, although it is now quite old (1985) I personally think that you could still use this advert in the present times and would achieve the same results, below is the above mentioned commercial.

ARD514 Practice in Context Module Aim

Module Aims:

 To provide an awareness and appreciation of socio-cultural contexts within which contemporary visual culture operates.

 To critically analyse and explore forms of design and media for society with regard to audience, aspects of function, ethics and cultural dimensions.

 To broaden critical and contextual awareness of a design discipline in relation to the subject matter being explored.

 To broaden theoretical and practical knowledge of a variety of media using problem-solving skills, culminating in design and production of a finished piece of work.



Students will produce a body of work dependent on given assignments within their design subject area. Assessment will be based on competence in research methodology, analysis of design problems, expression of ideas and concepts, effectiveness of communication, choice of appropriate media and techniques, production process and presentation skills. Assignments will be presented in an appropriate format for group analysis. Students will keep technical/production files and a reflective journal that evidences their research, investigation of ideas and a self-critical evaluation of their work. Attendance and contributions to seminars and critiques will also be taken into consideration when assessing students’ performance and learning in this module. Formative assessments through group critiques and individual tutorials will take place in stages throughout the module. In assessing the learning outcomes, a variety of factors will be taken into account, these include:-  Research and design development.  Conceptualisation of ideas.  Communication of design solutions.  Appropriate use of media and techniques.  Presentation and critical evaluation of finished work.