ARD514 Practice In Context – Production Diary

Production Diary

My first thought was to get some footage of a footballer dribbling around players and taking a shot at the goal, this is proving to be quite awkward as I cannot find any footage of a footballer dribbling, I really want to see it from the footballers eyes, not sure how this could be achieved, maybe by the use of the camera tool in After Effects, I think this could be quite tricky to accomplish, but, it would look awesome, I would remove all other players and have the footballer dribbling around holes in the pitch, when the footballer finally reaches the goal to shoot he is met by…. Robocop, needless to say Robocop shoots the ball and it blows up. I will try and think of a way round this to achieve what I think would be a great video clip.

Something along the lines of this video from 2007

Not really sure if I could accomplish this as the original production team had the help of the football star 🙂