ARD514 Practise in Context – Week 3

Today in class we looked at gender in advertising, mainly women in advertising and how the woman’s role is perceived, this is shown as the woman being very submissive and used as a tool for want of a better word, sex sells and a very large percentage of women portrayed in advertising are slim, good looking with a good figure, very seldom do we see women of a fuller figure and we rarely see anyone ugly advertising anything, this could almost be discriminatory but the advertising agencies know what they are doing, they are not stupid, if they had an ugly person advertising one of their products I don’t think that they would get no where near as many sales as they do using the type of women they do do.


ARD514 Practise in Context Week 2

Today’s class centered around the Levi’s 501 commercial, a commercial very synonymous with Nick Kamen de-robing in a launderette to the tune of I heard it through the Grapevine, whenever you see a pair of Levi’s or hear that tune it makes you think of the advert, although it is now quite old (1985) I personally think that you could still use this advert in the present times and would achieve the same results, below is the above mentioned commercial.