ARD516 Visual Effects Individual Assignment

Production Diary


My first thought was to get some footage of a footballer dribbling around players and taking a shot at the goal, this is proving to be quite awkward as I cannot find any footage of a footballer dribbling, I really want to see it from the footballers eyes, not sure how this could be achieved, maybe by the use of the camera tool in After Effects, I think this could be quite tricky to accomplish, but, it would look awesome, I would remove all other players and have the footballer dribbling around holes in the pitch, when the footballer finally reaches the goal to shoot he is met by…. Robocop, needless to say Robocop shoots the ball and it blows up. I will try and think of a way round this to achieve what I think would be a great video clip.

Having searched the internet for some suitable footage regarding my assignment I have come to the conclusion that without professional assistance with the footage, for instance, the correct camera angles, a single player dribbling and taking a shot on goal, I even filmed a football match myself but again the footage was not suitable, the angle of the camera was too low and there were too many passes of the ball, this is a tricky one that’s for sure! because of this I have decided to avert my attention elsewhere, as of yet I am unsure as to what to do, hopefully after meeting with Mark he can throw a couple of suggestions into the mix for me to pursue.

So, after racking my brain as to what kind of video to do for this project I have come up with another idea, well I have seen something similar to what I am thinking of trying on the internet, it is self-shot footage of a line or a set of arrows leading to a surprise at the end of it, I think this would be pretty easy to achieve but I am unsure as to whether I would be able to use enough elements so that it falls into the brief of this assignment, I will collect the footage and put it through after effects so that I can see how it looks and what I could do with it.

The above idea also fell onto the cutting room floor, finally decided on using some dashcam footage that I had and added via green screen to the existing footage, I lowered the opacity to make it look almost ghost like, added some colour correction, used the mask tool to prevent from the dinosaurs toes edging out of the video, in order to use the green screen footage I added a keylight 1.2 to remove the green background, applied a key cleaner, added a colour difference effect to make it look like it ‘belonged’ on the video, I also adjusted the brightness and contrast in order to compensate for the brightness of the dinosaur footage.

On the main footage, I added a rainfall effect and adjusted the brightness.

I added an audio file to which I applied fade before the dinosaur roar then brought the volume back up to the original level.

ARD516 Visual Effects – Rotoscoping & Colour Correction

Below is my half assed attempt at rotoscoping, I say half assed because of the way it has turned out, I am very disappointed with this effort, not because it was a hard task, I actually found it to be interesting but trying to decide on a canvas to use for the task wasn’t as straight forward as I had imagined, I spent a lot of time scrolling through different videos for this, finally settling on the one shown, I proceeded to choose a couple of scenes from other movie files, added them into the existing footage and colour corrected  each one, the finished product is not a good look at all, I am annoyed with myself because over the last few weeks my marks have steadily increase and then I submit this, total rubbish, anyhow, onward and upwards as they say, i have to buckle down now and improve on what i have submitted, I am definitely not going through all this to fail at the end.

ARD516 Visual Effects – Camera Tracking

Below is the latest assignment from the Visual Effects module at university, this was one that was a pleasure to do, I really enjoyed creating a hole outside the main entrance to the university and I even captured a dragon flying over the building, I used colour correction on the hole to try and blend it in to the existing road conditions, hopefully it was a good effort, I don’t think that I will veer use this skill but I will know that I have it in my arsenal if I ever need to use it.

ARD516 Visual Effects – Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography was this weeks assignment, for those that do not know, it is the use of words normally to speech with effects on the wording and text, I liked this one, I found it to be taxing in some ways but overall I was quite pleased with the outcome, the tutor said there was a couple of good use of effects with some words but overall could be improved, below is the Kinetic Typography video.

ARD516 Visual Effects – 3D Assignment

Below is the latest module assignment which was classified as 3d, the group created walls in photoshop and imported images to create the floors and ceilings, doors were added and it was all tracked by using the camera tool in After Effects, I feel that this was a better effort than the two previous that I did although there were a couple of mistakes the tutor stated that it was definitely an improvement, that alone gives you that feel good factor!

ARD516 Visual Effects – 2.5d Assignment

Below is my attempt at a 2.5D video which we were asked to do as part of the visual effects module on the second year in university, the effort below succeeded in gaining a pass but as with the last effort I have made some silly errors, the gargoyle to the left shows the sky from the right hand side when it is not supposed to do, this was achieved by using the camera tool in Adobe after effects, there was simply too much movement on the camera, again I put this down to me getting frustrated, wanting to get it finished and rushing the project, I really need to snap out of the rushing phase I am going through and take my time and achieve better marks.


ARD516 Visual Effects – 2D Assignment

Below is my first ever attempt at creating a 2d video which we were asked to do for the Visual Effects module in the second year at university, although I obtained a pass for this effort I feel that I could do much better if I just concentrate more and tried not to rush the work, I think that when I am trying to do these assignments I get frustrated and submit when I think that it is done instead of picking at the project and making it much better aesthetically. All the elements that were required for this assignment were present, the puppet tool was used in After Effects, green screen elements were used, I can see the errors that are in this attempt, hopefully I can overcome this in future projects.

APD516 Visual Effects Module Aim

Module Aims:

• To extend practice in a variety of visual effects media and techniques culminating in design and production.

• To extend technical design skills and practice in relation to the subject matter being explored.

• To explore forms of communication, narrative and non-narrative, through moving image.

• To explore the relationship between what is being communicated to the viewer.


Formative assessment will take place during group critiques with student participation and in individual tutorials that will take place prior to Christmas. Students will be assessed on the presentation of concepts, design and production of final work. They will also be expected to develop a reflective journal that evidences their research, investigation of ideas and a critical evaluation of their work for this module. Assessment will also take into consideration their attendance, participation and performance during lectures, seminars, and workshops for the overall module. Individual assessments will take place at the end of the module with a major review of work at the end of the year.

In assessing the learning outcomes, a variety of factors will be taken into account, these include:-

• Research and investigation of narrative and/or non-narrative forms of communication within a chosen design discipline.

• Conceptual design development.

• Communication of narrative or non-narrative solutions to a given assignment.

• The appropriate use of media and techniques.

• Presentation and evaluation of final piece.