Negotiated Studies feedback

After a meeting with Paul Jones during one of the lectures at university in which we were asked to show our work so far in relation to Negotiated Studies 1 and where we were going in regards to Negotiated Studies 2 next semester, wanting to enter into the field of Sports photography, I supplied a few of my images for the group to critique, overall I didn’t really receive any bad feedback but I di receive a couple of good ‘pointers and suggestions’

Along with suggestions from Karen Heald during the first semester Paul suggested that I document this in the form of a book, by a book I believe it is meant as a journal of sorts, properly bound and professional looking with the contents about Maesgwyn Associated FC and the Welsh National League, the contents of the book could be a brief introduction into Maesgwyn and the welsh football league along with player profiles, images that are not when they are on the field, maybe when they are socialising etc, this is something that I could well be interested in doing as I could see this being available to anyone who is interested in Maesgwyn and the Welsh Football League, I am going to have to look further into this and see if the players especially are going to be available to answer a set of fixed questions, maybe around 10-15 and if they would be prepared to have their basic details etc published.


Maesgwyn v Llangollen Town

A very testing day as it was bitterly cold and the only lenses I used for this shoot were a stock 18-55mm and a nifty fifty, the images that I have shown are from the use of the 50mm, I did find that the images were of a sharper quality, the whole feel of the images were better in my opinion and will continue to use the 50mm for these purpose until such time as I have purchased some different glass. After a very poor decision from the referee Maesgwyn lost the game 2-3

Maesgwyn Associated FC


After seeing this ad posted on Facebook for an official club photographer I decided to drop them a line to offer my services, the club got back to me more or less immediately and asked me along to their 3rd match of the season which was on Saturday 19th August against Acrefair Youth, below are a few images of the game….

Maesgwyn Afc went onto win the game emphatically 12-2, best of all I was invited back to document their next game. The club has also added a link for my website on their page, free advertising to boot!


Interview at Liverpool Football Club


Wednesday the 14-06-2017 saw myself get an interview for a match-day steward at Anfield, the home of Liverpool Football Club, the interview itself lasted 3 and a half hours and consisted of team building exercises mainly with a 10 minute Q&A at the end, hopefully, early next week I will find out if I was successful in getting the job, this would be a stepping stone to greater things, I am viewing it as getting my foot in the door as well as getting paid to ‘watch’ every home fixture at the ground. Win-Win.




Well blow me down with a feather duster, received an email on the 22nd June 2017 stating that I had passed the interview for the post above, ecstatic wasn’t the word when I read it, I have wanted to do this for a very long time and now I have my foot in the door (so to speak) I can keep my eyes peeled for any photography jobs that may come available at the club and apply for them, this is the start of a fantastic part in my life and cannot wait for it to begin.


Creating my Website

Well, as I knew that creating a website was going to be part of my final year in university I thought I would give myself a head start, having found a cracking deal for my hosting, I went ahead and signed up for a plan with 1and1 web hosting.

You can see my finished website at feel free to head over and take a look around.