Thomas Dukes

Thomas Dukes

Thomas Dukes is presently the curator at the Open Eye gallery in Liverpool, England.

Thomas started out at university studying for a degree in Law but had his head turned after attending only a handful of lectures and spending most of his time taking photographs, after getting much enjoyment from photography he left the degree in Law and instead got an Arts Foundation Qualification and a place at Blackpool & The Fylde College on the Photography BA and then gaining his MA, Thomas has not looked back since and loves sharing his images both with friends as well as online for the world to see.

Make work as much as possible, make work with people, make work that I can find online, join a studio and show work as part of that studio, do the flyers for your local anything – but keep making work!


Brooke Shaden

Having unfortunately missed Brooke’s talk at creative futures this year I headed on over to her website to check her out and I have to say I wish I had not missed it, all of her shoots start off by her writing down five key categories, each category gets about thirty seconds, anything that comes into her mind in that thirty seconds is written down, she then chooses one word from that category until she has 5 words, she then proceeds to create something to tie all of them together to create her photograph, the five key categories are Colour, Setting, Prop, Theme and Wardrobe, this is an interesting way of stepping away from the norm, by this I mean just pointing and taking a photograph, Brooke’s way helps to create something different, almost magical in the finished article, it gives inspiration which leads onto creativity and ultimately will make you a better photographer.

I will be visiting her website regularly to watch her videos and listen to her talks as I feel that this would make me a better photographer over the course of the next few months.

Business Card

Below is my business cards that I purchased from Vista Print, I like the look of the along with the font that I chose for the business name, on the reverse side I added a scan me QR code so that anyone who was in possession of my card and owned a smart phone they could then scan the code and go straight to my website.




After listening to some advice from my personal tutor I decided to make an alternative business card to distribute to anyone who may have need for a sports photographer, the image is one that I recently took which is also part of my negotiated studies module.


card acard b

I am actually in two minds as to whether or not I should use this image below for any sporting commissions that I may receive, aesthetically it does look better than the one above, I am not sure, I will have to have a think about it.

card acard b

Creating my Website

Well, as I knew that creating a website was going to be part of my final year in university I thought I would give myself a head start, having found a cracking deal for my hosting, I went ahead and signed up for a plan with 1and1 web hosting.

Whilst the site is no where near to be finished as new images come to light every day, there is also work to be done for ranking and SEO which will be an ongoing project, however the site is live and fully functional.

You can see my finished website at feel free to head over and take a look around.