Michael Kirkham

Michael alongside Layla Anna-Lee from the football show



Michael Kirkham, a former roofer and photographer, has spent the last couple of years travelling around the UK, taking photos of goalposts.


All of the goalposts he photographed are different, but they evoke a strong feeling from childhood. They also tell a story about the change of Britain’s urban areas.

“When you look at the project as a whole, you start to see a pattern of life around the whole UK,” he tells me, enjoying a pint in a local Liverpool pub.


Michael’s project is called Urban Goals and the pun isn’t accidental.

“Some of the goals I’ve shot are 30 years old. Some are older. That makes me think about the generations of kids that have grown up playing there and how their life goals might have changed over that time.”

Clicking on the link above will take you to his tumblr page where you can view some of his work.

A-N Image



Ian Holmes


BA (Hons) Photography & Film


Within photography I am interested in portraying stillness, movement and moments in time within various contexts. Capturing moving objects in the night sky takes technical adeptness to achieve a still frame with little post-production. The clarity, colours and composition in this image aims to create memories with the expectation of alternative unfolding scenarios.


These main themes and my fascination with sports photography, specifically football has lead me to explore the frame within a frame through a series of still regional photographs taken of vacant goal posts. Neville Gabie, a South-African photographer has provided an inspiration following his international work on this subject albeit from a sculptural and photographic perspective.



Neville Gabie

Neville Gabie is a South African born photographer who graduated from the Royal College of Art, London, 1988 where he obtained an MA, in Sculpture.

Gabie said…

My practice as an artist has always sought to bridge the gap between audience and serious contemporary practice. I have often worked outside the comfort zone of the gallery where there is a certain expectation of your audience, preferring to find a methodology, which might introduce a wider audience to contemporary ideas and practice.

Football has in that respect often been a subject, which I have returned to. It is a sport with such a wide appeal, where it is possible to introduce the work of artists and a way of thinking, which strays from the usual narrative.’

Wise words indeed.

clicking on his name below will open a new window where you can view some of his works.

Since 1996 Neville Gabie has been photographing goalposts from all around the world, he has been fortunate enough for his work to be shown all over the world, from Asia to South Africa, Europe and the UK including Tate Modern and Tate Liverpool. Gabie’s work was also displayed at the FIFA headquarters in Switzerland.

The images that I have shot of goal posts are of a similar theme but whilst his images are very abstract, painted lines on structures and in front of goal etc, mine are from behind the goal so that you can see both goals in the shot creating a frame in a frame style of image.


Whilst on my journey to start out as a Sports Photographer I soon realised that I do not think that this is the field that I should be trying to break into, numerous obstacles present themselves which in my current situation I am finding very hard to overcome, however there is one thing that I believe is good to have come from this and that is architecture, well, taking photographs of sporting venues, below are a few images that I have taken of two stadiums,



Whilst the next one isn’t a football stadium, it is very well known and also a famous landmark in the North West of England20180420_213808

It is of course the Liver Building in Liverpool.

Negotiated Studies 2

Unfortunately, my original idea of creating a book about Maesgwyn Associated FC broke down due to no response despite numerous attempts to get people associated with the club to share their experiences with me in order to create some type of document to publish about the football club.

After speaking with Paul (tutor) it was agreed that due to the time-frame and work commitments that I should produce a set of images all connected by the one theme, the theme is football, as you can see in the images above, there is a set of images of goal posts, all different locations around Wrexham, all taken in the style of frame within a frame, to achieve the images I used my Nikon D5300 with my 50mm f2.8 lens, the lighting was ok but overcast, during editing, I enhanced the colours to make them a little more vivid, cropped and rotated where it was needed.

Why frame in frame? I think the idea behind this was to give the viewer something more than a goal post to look at, you find yourself searching around the posts to see if there is anything else in there, when you see the images you instantly associate them with sport, more so with football in general, I have tried to capture these when there is no one playing on the pitches giving that vast emptiness while giving the viewer something to study, I am really pleased with how the images have ended up.

I really think that I have found something that interests me in photographing goal posts, some of these images will be on view hopefully for the degree show at Glyndwr University, which ones will be showcased will have to be discussed with my tutor a little closer to the time.DSC_0026

Above are a few more images of goal posts that I have managed to capture during the last few days whilst driving around Wrexham, I never envisaged that taking photographs of inanimate objects such as these would bring out so much enthusiasm in myself, I find myself driving around looking purposely for more goal posts in areas that I have not yet managed to photograph, I particularly like the lines that have been captured on several of the images above, some of the images present frames in frames in frames, this is something that I am going to continue photographing for a long time to come, eventually maybe even show them in a gallery, hey, it worked for Gabie!

As mentioned before, following my travels around the county and surrounding areas I came across a few more goal posts that I have managed to add to my image collection, I am trying to get them all uniform, as in, I try to take all the images from roughly the same distance behind the goal so that you get the frame in a frame, on some of the images I have even managed to create sub-framing from within the image which makes the image a little more interesting for the viewer.


After my time at university has come to an end I will be continuing to collect more images of goal posts from wherever I travel, hopefully one day I will have an extensive collection to show.

Neg Studies 2 Question Set

Further to the message asking for participants in the book I am compiling I have created a set of questions that will be asked to everyone that takes part in this, the questions are as follows:

1. What is your name?
2. What is your age?
3. What position do you / did you play?
4. Have you played for any other teams or positions?
5. How long have you been playing for Maesgwyn?
6. When did you start?
7. When did you first learn about Maesgwyn Associated FC?
8. What do you do for a living?
9. What do you like most about playing football?
10. What do you dislike the most about playing football?
11. Tell me something about yourself.
12. Do you have anything else to add?
Unfortunately, this is not going as I had hoped it would, I am having great difficulty in arranging meets with the individuals that are associated with Maegsgwyn, I think I need a different plan of attack so that I can get the information that is required in order to proceed with my dream of writing the book, I would welcome any suggestions that would help at this time.
One thing that I have thought of is if I send out a question set to all and ask them to attach a head-shot of themselves , then send it back to me completed…….

Neg Studies final assesment

For my final assessment at University for Negotiated Studies 2 I have decided to go along the lines of producing a book about Maesgwyn Associated FC to which I am the official club photographer, below is the message that I haver sent out for anyone who is involved with the club.


As many of you know, I am currently a full-time student studying photography at Wrexham Glyndwr University. As part of my final year assessments I have decided to create a professional book researching the history of Maesgwyn Associated FC, it’s community and player. For this I would like to engage with everyone who is connected with the club. I aim to create a photograph and short profile of each person that participates. Eventually this book would be available for purchase in a professionally bounded cover for you to keep. Participants would receive a free copy of the eBook for their time.

Please contact me on my personal Facebook page, through my website or by sending me a message and I will reply to you at the earliest convenience.



Negotiated Studies feedback

After a meeting with Paul Jones during one of the lectures at university in which we were asked to show our work so far in relation to Negotiated Studies 1 and where we were going in regards to Negotiated Studies 2 next semester, wanting to enter into the field of Sports photography, I supplied a few of my images for the group to critique, overall I didn’t really receive any bad feedback but I di receive a couple of good ‘pointers and suggestions’

Along with suggestions from Karen Heald during the first semester Paul suggested that I document this in the form of a book, by a book I believe it is meant as a journal of sorts, properly bound and professional looking with the contents about Maesgwyn Associated FC and the Welsh National League, the contents of the book could be a brief introduction into Maesgwyn and the welsh football league along with player profiles, images that are not when they are on the field, maybe when they are socialising etc, this is something that I could well be interested in doing as I could see this being available to anyone who is interested in Maesgwyn and the Welsh Football League, I am going to have to look further into this and see if the players especially are going to be available to answer a set of fixed questions, maybe around 10-15 and if they would be prepared to have their basic details etc published.

Maesgwyn v Llangollen Town

A very testing day as it was bitterly cold and the only lenses I used for this shoot were a stock 18-55mm and a nifty fifty, the images that I have shown are from the use of the 50mm, I did find that the images were of a sharper quality, the whole feel of the images were better in my opinion and will continue to use the 50mm for these purpose until such time as I have purchased some different glass. After a very poor decision from the referee Maesgwyn lost the game 2-3

Maesgwyn Associated FC


After seeing this ad posted on Facebook for an official club photographer I decided to drop them a line to offer my services, the club got back to me more or less immediately and asked me along to their 3rd match of the season which was on Saturday 19th August against Acrefair Youth, below are a few images of the game….

Maesgwyn Afc went onto win the game emphatically 12-2, best of all I was invited back to document their next game. The club has also added a link for my website on their page, free advertising to boot!