Neg Studies 2 Question Set

Further to the message asking for participants in the book I am compiling I have created a set of questions that will be asked to everyone that takes part in this, the questions are as follows:

1. What is your name?
2. What is your age?
3. What position do you / did you play?
4. Have you played for any other teams or positions?
5. How long have you been playing for Maesgwyn?
6. When did you start?
7. When did you first learn about Maesgwyn Associated FC?
8. What do you do for a living?
9. What do you like most about playing football?
10. What do you dislike the most about playing football?
11. Tell me something about yourself.
12. Do you have anything else to add?
Unfortunately, this is not going as I had hoped it would, I am having great difficulty in arranging meets with the individuals that are associated with Maegsgwyn, I think I need a different plan of attack so that I can get the information that is required in order to proceed with my dream of writing the book, I would welcome any suggestions that would help at this time.
One thing that I have thought of is if I send out a question set to all and ask them to attach a head-shot of themselves , then send it back to me completed…….

Neg Studies final assesment

For my final assessment at University for Negotiated Studies 2 I have decided to go along the lines of producing a book about Maesgwyn Associated FC to which I am the official club photographer, below is the message that I haver sent out for anyone who is involved with the club.


As many of you know, I am currently a full-time student studying photography at Wrexham Glyndwr University. As part of my final year assessments I have decided to create a professional book researching the history of Maesgwyn Associated FC, it’s community and player. For this I would like to engage with everyone who is connected with the club. I aim to create a photograph and short profile of each person that participates. Eventually this book would be available for purchase in a professionally bounded cover for you to keep. Participants would receive a free copy of the eBook for their time.

Please contact me on my personal Facebook page, through my website or by sending me a message and I will reply to you at the earliest convenience.