Artists Influences

Margherita Spiluttini

Margherita Spiluttini worked not only in Austria but also abroad, for example in Switzerland during many years of collaboration with the architecture practice of Herzog & de Meuron. Numerous independent photography projects including the series “Nach der Natur” about built interventions in the alpine landscape, complete her comprehensive range of work.


Margherita’s photo archive of is one of the most important collections of photographs of architecture in Austria from 1980 to 2005.

“Architecture is always something made by human beings and therefore says something important about them.” (Margherita Spiluttini)

Commissioned by important architects and theorists, over the past 35 years Margherita has documented more than 4,000 buildings. The focus of her work was on documenting contemporary architecture. In addition she examined the themes of urban design and anonymous architecture as well as looking at historic buildings and art in public space, and documenting exhibitions.


Lynn Davis

Lynn Davis (b. 1944) received a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1970 and apprenticed with Berenice Abbott in the summer of 1974.


She has had over 80 solo shows since 1980 and has work in many collections including at: the Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum, the J. Paul Getty Museum, The Guggenheim Museum and Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. She has photographed in 48 countries including Egypt, Yemen, Burma, Cambodia, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Ethiopia, Sudan, Mali, Iran, Greenland and most recently Greece & Brazil. In 2005 Davis received an Academy Award in Art from the American Academy of Arts & Letters.

She lives and works in Hudson, New York & Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

I find that her photographs are sometimes quirky and unusual, this is the kind of photography that really interest me when it comes to architectural photography, if I had travelled to the places that Lynn has I think I would have probably had a collection very similar to hers.


Bernd Becher and Hilla Becher

Hilla Becher was a German artist born in 1931 in Siegen, Germany. She was one half of a photography duo with her husband Bernd Becher. For forty years, they photographed disappearing industrial architecture around Europe and North America.

They won the Erasmus Prize in 2002 and Hasselblad Award in 2004 for their work and roles as photography professors at the art academy Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.


Industrial structures including water towers, coal bunkers, gas tanks and factories. Their work had a documentary style as their images were always taken in black and white. Their photographs never included people.

They exhibited their work in sets or typologies, grouping of several photographs of the same type of structure. The are well known for presenting their images in grid formations.

An excerpt of a film that we can realate to

After much deliberation and endless hours of trolling YouTube I finally ended up with the clip below as an excerpt that I could relate to, the clip is the final scenes from Fast and Furious 7, the one where Brian O’Connor played by the much missed and very talented actor Paul Walker tragically died some 80% into the making of the film, I can relate to this as I am sure many people can, we have all lost someone very close to us, someone that when you hear a song or a certain smell you get the memories of the person, and by being very family orientated, being part of a close knit family and just generally loving life at the moment, the part where his character drives off on a different road to Dom, the character played by Vin Diesel, is where I found myself at the end of the third year, not really knowing which direction to go with regards to my photography, and taking a somewhat different path to the one I was originally on which was Sports Photography, all being said I am still going down the route of Sports but withing the architectural designs of the stadiums and venues.



I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

S.M.A.R.T. Objectives

Look into displaying my work at a local gallery or trade show.

I will know if I have been successful if I get opportunities to show my work.

Easily achievable within the academic year.

I think this would give my business the push it needs to become established.

I propose to have this in place by May 2019.

Future Deadlines

Within the next five years I hope to be established as an architectural photographer.

So…. Where am I now?

Internal to my business


I have a good eye for detail, I am competitive, I will go out of my way to please others, Looking at a scene and knowing what I want.


Getting what I want!, Not having the best equipment available for the job.

External to my business.

Invest in more up to date equipment as soon as possible, invest in the correct lenses for the type of work I am pursuing. Submit more of my work online, on my website and look into having a showing of my work in a gallery. I have joined an online camera club who choose photographs at random regularly and publish them in the local newspaper giving the artist full recognition.


Other photographers in the same field, Financial situation.