Markus Brunetti

The journey began in 2005 and it’s not over yet. For self-confessed nomad and photographer Markus Brunetti, Façades – a series of large-scale images of European churches and cathedrals – still needs more work.

He got the idea for it while travelling through the continent with his partner, Betty Schöner, in their so-called “expedition truck”. A vehicle they’d converted themselves, the truck allowed them to live and work on the move, travelling from country to country on what the Bavarian calls their “Grand Tour”; it also allowed them to take time out from their busy working lives as commercial photographers, and to let projects unfold at their own rate.

Chartres  Cathedral, France © Markus Brunetti

Markus Brunetti’s Monumental Church Façades

Andy Marshall

Andy Marshall (@fotofacade) is an architectural photographer with an informed understanding of the built environment. Throughout that time he has developed a distinctive visual relationship with architectural form and space, which translates uniquely into his photography.

Although Andy does a lot of different type of photography compared to myself, I find his work to be both interesting and stimulating.


salisbury interior
Salisbury Cathedral Interior ©Andy Marshall



Tony Howell

Tony Howell is a professional photographer with over 40 years experience based in Truro, Cornwall. He has written three Photography books and his images have been used in countless other books, calendars, magazines, on television, in a Hollywood Movie, billboards, brochures, catalogues, greeting cards, posters, postcards, websites, national newspapers, fleets of vans and much more.

You can see Tony’s photographic work of churches here.


Use all or part of description

© Tony Howell

Artist Influences

Michael Molloy:

Architectural Detail

Michael has been working as a professional photographer for over 18 years. In this time he has worked for many major advertising agencies, design groups and direct to clients of all sizes.

He is based in East London but works all over the South East, the UK and on occasions in Europe. recently photographing for a major manufacturer in Iceland, but most of his work in in London and surrounding area.


Looking at the image above, I believe that Michael likes to capture fine detail in his work, not dissimilar to myself, he also covers a broad spectrum of disciplines within photography such as commercial, construction, portraits, aviation, automotive and so on.

Nick Guttridge:

Nick is a thoughtful photographer that is a graduate of Saint Martins College. The work he produces for his clients has included iconic buildings such as the Gherkin in London. His long list of clients includes the prestigious architectural firm, Foster & Partners. A testament to the quality of work Nick produces.

Ballet Rambert 2014 Allies and Morrison

The image above is one from Nick Guttridge, whilst quite dark (which adds to the effect) resembles several of my previous photographs in that there is a lot of frames within frames, quite like what I achieved with my photographs from the goal posts, I like this photograph because you immediately see the two people in the lower windows / frames and then you find yourself inspecting the other windows / frames to see if there is anything else that you may have missed, the same as with my photographs of the goal posts.

Matt Emmett:

Matt’s work takes him into environments that have long been forgotten about allowing him to discover first-hand past architectural history. He relishes finding properties that have been left in a state disrepair so that he can explore, document and share with others this very interesting architectural landscape.


This photograph from Matt Emmett has been taken similar to how i capture my photographs, from the corner so that you can see at least two sides of the building, coupled with the reflection from the lake, i find this photograph to be quite captivating, a little unsure as to whether or not it is because it is an old building, i’m not sure, never the less, a beautiful piece to have.

Simon Kennedy:

Working for years as a qualified architect has helped Simon develop a unique eye as an architectural photographer. His experience allows him to see his projects from the clients perspective giving him an edge over many other photographers in this field.


This photograph from Simon Kennedy in my opinion looks flat, almost 2 dimensional, although it is still a stunning image of a church, sitting on the junction of the A1202 and Fournier Street in the Spitalfields area of East London, how the photograph was taken and the angle, has given this church it’s 2D look, as you travel down Fournier Street you can see that the church itself is very big indeed. I particularly enjoy photographing churches, that being said, they do have to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye for me to get my camera out, on my next venture up the North Wales coast I will be capturing the Marble Church near to Bodelwyddan.