Monday 26th June 2017 – CFR Training

Started my community first responder training today, I knew it would be intense but I never thought it would be a hard as it has been today, I think I used muscles I didn’t realize I had. learned all about he heart today as well as CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), what the peaks mean on an ECG (Electrocardiogram) , VF (Ventricular Fibrillation), how to ‘bag’ someone that is unresponsive, maybe through a MI (Myocardial Infarction) aka a Heart Attack, A Stroke or even Hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) or Hyperglycemia which means the opposite, also learned how to take a pulse properly, there are four sites from which you can take a pulse, the Carotid artery  (in the neck) by the wrist or, this one surprised me, on the top of the foot. three more days of training to go, will update as I continue this journey.


It is now Thursday 29th June and all of the training has finished… Very pleased to say that I passed and am now officially trained in intermediate CPR, more than a basic first aider but less than an advanced first aider, I can administer things like oxygen and insert OPA’s and I-Gels (to assist breathing) and I am also trained to use a defibrillator, I cannot wait to get out into the field and help to save lives.  Image below is of the class and the guy in the green uniform is the trainer, Gareth Williams.